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When it comes to building relationships online, it’s pretty easy to get started, especially since not many people online are actually providing good value. Thankfully, ultimate azon has been optimised for mobile devices. Second, and less obviously, if you are not dealing a dozen or more amazon affiliate links a day, easy azon might not be that useful. It was really easy to purchase the theme, and there were to typical upsells to buy a bunch of unnecessary junk as we see in a lot of internet marketing products. Azon theme ensures you only and only benefits and is worth spending, available at reasonable prices. With the azon easy cash package you will have the perfect opportunity. When creating content, you want it to be as easy to read as possible. Both prosociate and azon authority have a problem. Ultimate azon is an amazon wordpress theme for amazon affiliates. Ultimate azon theme around the other hand, are ones that either i or successful individuals i know have used in a consistently basis. Easy azon comes with features that will allow you to monetize a blog easily, even without experience. It is fast loading, easy to manage and eye catching, responsive on mobile and desktop. Easy azon costs $47, but it can save you hours of work a day, depending on how many amazon affiliate links you are putting on your site. Easy azon � amazon wordpress plugin. The license and support page has a link to a dedicated support forum and a reminder that ultimate azon is updated automatically through the wordpress area. For instance, the lat tower splits as a cable crossover station, and the bench simply swings out to the side allowing easy access to the high pulley system so you can perform your squats, cable crossovers and more. Footer option of authority azon wp theme: . If you are looking for an unbiased ultimate azon theme review, then you have landed at the right place. I found that it was a lot easier to just install the plugin and figure it out with azon authority than watch the hours of training videos. Ultimate azon offers many different widget areas. Easy azon amazon wordpress plugin review. While easy azon does make it easy to add in products, it does have issues. Ultimate azon theme supports product review facility. There are plenty of plug-ins that make it so easy to add amazon content and links to your website to increase your bottom line. Here are the features of this azon wordpress theme:. Easyazon pro makes it easy to put but now buttons in your post, and they are linked using easyazon, so you get all the benefits of easyazon pro links. Bottom line for me is if you are making money with amazon affiliate sites you should look into easy azon. Amazon is a profitable platform that you can use and when it comes to making real money on amazon, easy azon could be the perfect tool for you. Woo search boasts a products search, easy to use settings page, search in option, shortcode, product images and more. There was a problem here and a few companies like easy azon tried their best to solve the problem with their plugins. Also, your customers will find everything they need in a very easy way. Easy azon is a definite winner. 0 review, easyazon is a powerful, easy to use plugin that can help anyone create more profitable amazon affiliate campaigns. The good: easy to use. One thing i found by accident was, if you highlight a word or phrase and then click the easy azon button, it will automatically search amazon for that phrase. Easy to use and a great time saver.  this is a required step to for the plugin to work and easyazon’s instructional videos made this very easy to set up and get running. Hence ultimate azon theme is at help. I love easy azon for the way it helps me connect with relevant products to promote in my blog posts about soccer drills for parents.

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So, based on your traffic, you can sign up and get your tracking ids which will be required by easyazon plugin in the next step. You’re going to be amazed at how easy this is. I’ve explained the most important features (in my opinion) included in the ultimate azon theme. However, this shortcode can not be used in many plugins when they ask for a "link". A: let me first clarify if you are new to the plugin. There are certain special features that give this plugin the strength to optimize your site better for the amazon associates program, and we will be discussing about them further in this easyazon plugin review post. I can’t speak highly enough about this plugin which is why i’m able to recommend it to you (the readers) without any hesitation. And, in fact, i’m writing the ultimate azon theme review because i know that if you buy ultimate azon theme, you won’t be disappointed. Leveraging the millions of buyers on amazon has never really been this easy. With this plugin, you can also check all the clicks on your site on a monthly or a lifetime basis. Also, we would gurantee you legality of the azon theme along with its credibility. Easyazon is a premium plugin that literally can save you hours of your busy life. If you need plugin, then check my post about best wordpress plugin for amazon affiliates. Azonrev could possibly be even better than the theme used by “thisiswhyimbroke” as it is focused on images, text and easy navigation. There are lots of options in these plugins that a regular user can understand. Searching for products to add is easy. So, these are the list of top 3 must have wordpress plugins for amazon affiliates. If you have used this type of wordpress review plugin then you will know that it plays an important role in boosting up ctr (click through rate). There are many options present in this plugin which allow you to use various types of links for different products. Maybe in a short time, you can achieve great results that you dreamed, thanks to the help of easy azon 4. Wordfence is one plugin i use and recommend to folks serious about keeping their business website relatively safe from harm. There is a plugin to ease you on the link insertion process. I’ve tried my hands on this plugin and today, and i’m going to present easyazon review. So, the ultimate motive of easyazon plugin is to. This plugin is decent enough. Recently i bought easyazon plugin for using it on my amazon affiliate sites. Note, i tested each page twice, because the caching plugin present usually affects the score. Incredibly easy to use system which posts automatically. Easy azon is a wordpress plugin that helps you to insert the affiliate links to products from amazon faster and easier. The easyazon plugin has made it super-easy to insert affiliate images to your blog post. So why is geniuslink better than the other amazon affiliate plugins that offer link localization. I will add that using your easyazon plugin has made adding my links so much easier.   so, here's a look at the back-end of the tablepress plugin with my survival knife comparison chart:. It comes with some great features, and if you’re mad about monetizing with amazon, or are building amazon niche websites, this plugin will save you a ton of valuable time. Earning proof with amazon by authority azon wordpress theme-. You can use this plugin to cloak your affiliate links, easily access your links in the visual and html editor, assign categories to your links, import affiliate links from xml and lot more. Monetizing your auto blog with easy azon. Azon easy cash - fitness fever pre-builds websites . You can manually set affiliate links and keywords where they should be added to your content, or you can let the plugin extract automatically and display links from amazon. The same will work for all plugins. I have test many other amazon link building plugin even the official one relased by the amazon. Note: if you decide to purchase yourself woozone amazon affiliate plugin, then think about getting yourself complete bundle rather just a plugin. Everything is easy with easyazon, well maybe the setup is a bit tedious. What would be the best way to incorporate that using the easyazon plugin. We’ve has amazon plugin reviews before on this site, but recently, a new plugin has been unleashed that makes being an amazon affiliate almost effortless – with only. This is what set authority azon apart from other themes. Amazon auto links is a free plugin that gives you shortcodes (and a shortcode builder) that you can use to generate amazon product lists. Some of the features of the ultimate azon theme include:. Here’s just a few things you can do with this plugin:. When most internet marketers get started, they are advised to make affiliate sites, and with good reason: they are an easy way to get started making money online. Ultimate azon is a wordpress theme designed for amazon affiliates. The other free plugin that you can use to create comparison tables is websimon tables (updated as of 2017, this plugin is no longer maintained). The plugin allows you to manage membership to everything from schedules to products to publishing resources right in your woocommerce website. Thrive visual editor, is a powerful front-end editor plugin for wordpress. This superb new plugin – it will all be accomplished with an easy 3 step. Chris has decided to step up and create an amazon affiliate wordpress plugin that will help affiliates make more money and save time: easyazon4. It’s also extremely easy to put together. I personally digged around 40-50 themes in the forum and found these really attractive with great reviews , people are loving theme amazon themes plugin wp amazon profits has a review on comluv. Easyazon is such powerful affiliate plugin which can deal with international traffic. This plugin is developed by. Easyazon is a must-have wordpress plugin for every affiliate marketer hoping to generate more sales from amazon links. Step 1: important: add this page to your favorites before downloading easy azon. Recently, the boostwp (founder company of the plugin), has launched the easyazon v4. However, there are a lot of bugs in the plugin, and it actually hasn't helped conversions or earnings as much as i hoped. The easyazon plugin makes it very quick and simple to insert amazon affiliate links without ever having to leave your wordpress dashboard. General settings of authority azon:. As a user, easy drag and dropping items mean comparison on the go, enabling them to make a decision much faster. So, please have the amazon wp plugin with the coupon. How the easy azon plugin works:. Easy azon also recognizes that not everyone who uses your website is located in the same country as you are, and amazon has sister websites for numerous countries that your readers may rather shop from – no worries. Ultimate azon theme isn’t a scam. I love it – easy, convenient and durable.

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The easyazon plugin is available in two plans – developer license and the multi-site license. This, along with other improvements, gives the x350 pro an edge over its rivals in the same price range. Besides, i have extra great news for you: once you buy easyazon 4, you are going to have a 30-day money back guarantee. Fortunately, walkera listened to its customers and about a year later released the improved qr x350 pro. Easyazon allows you to extend the time period you have to. The ability to take pleasure from both video and audio edition of features allows you to enjoy easyazon in the manner you need. So if you are an amazon international affiliate, and enter your affiliate information, easyazon can dish up valid links to your international traffic. Easyazon, and it changed my life forever. If you are a user of amazon’s affiliate marketing scheme then easyazon 3 is definitely marketed at you. Also, i know you’re using my amazon plugin easyazon and just as i said to all the people that kept asking me to add a cloaking feature to the plugin – it doesn’t really stop google from being able to follow your links. Easyazon has become one of the most essential plugins for all amazon associates for a reason. While there are free options (and i’ve tried them), i have finally found an affordable solution that only carries a one-time fee: long tail pro. The easyazon can be fantastic. Link localization isn’t even an option in affiliate easel for amazon even though that free plugin has a feature called “related links” which easyazon doesn’t and displays related items to the product listed for an additional chance to capture interest. Hence, i thought about writing a full review on the easyazon including the easyazon coupon and easyazon discount. Access key id; also make sure there are no spaces when you paste it into the credential settings in easyazon because that would cause problems. I just finished retroactively editing all my old blog content that used the easyazon shortcodes to hotlink images from amazon, and i’ve replaced it with a much better alternative. Easyazon as a daily goal to get the best results over a longer period of time. Hello friends; welcome to the ultimate review page for easyazon. Sponsor or approve any easyazon. This guide will help you make the most out of the easyazon 4 plugin. Easyazon has you covered for that too, with it’s automated link localiser. But to help with my earnings, among other things, i decided to buy easyazon 4. Features such as the apm flight controller which was once available only in higher end multicopters is now packed as standard feature in the x350 pro. Now that the access id and key is set up along with the amazon product api; proceed to easyazon settings to insert your tracking ids. Lack of tables – while you can purchase an additional plugin called tablezon, that adds on to easyazon’s functionality; inside of easyazon itself there are no options for table creation. This was after i became aware of the problems with easyazone.   but, i took the time to directly compare easyazon to several other free wordpress plugins and give you the skinny on whether parting with your hard earned $37 dollars is worth it. Within a few seconds, you can have an affiliate link inserted with easyazon. Whether japanese or swiss movements, the pro diver invicta watch range offers great accuracy and a sweeping second hand which truly distinguishes it from lesser brands. 5 reasons why you should use easyazon. A word of note: if you have used the free version of the easyazon plugin from the wp repo already, you may have noticed that the plugin makes use of shortcodes to insert the affiliate links. Who can benefit from easyazon. Easyazon does have some pretty handy features in the backend. 30-day money back guarantee when you purchase easyazon. He developed easyazon 4, a revolutionary amazon affiliate wordpress plugin that will make your online life so much easier. With easyazon, you can create links directly from the wordpress editor – no need to ever step foot on amazon’s site. Search for and remove all instances of “easyazon” from mysql database. If you want to get all your money’s worth, easyazon pro’s link localization earns you commission for people outside of your resident country. We reviewed the features of the updated version of easyazon available in the market in response to the requests of the members of our online forum. The best invicta pro diver watches use either flame fusion or sapphire coated crystals, these materials are ideal for the dial window to a diving watch because they are scratch and shatter resistant. I happened to find out about easyazon while searching the web for something else like easyazon. I'm just presenting these as options if you aren't happy with what easyazon is doing. Easyazon plugin has been one of the most popular plug-ins for wordpress. Easyazon is a plugin that makes adding amazon affiliate links on to your website much easier. Easyazon provides 8 week money back guarantee. Buy the regular easyazon package for just $29, reduced from $47. Easyazon pro, an enhancement for amazon affiliates. The owner and creator of the plugin, chris guthrie has created a pro version and a free version. Easyazon plugin is a 5 start however its support team is a 10+start. Step 3 – setting up and configuring your easyazon pro plugin. I have just recently started using easyazon and for the most part, i really like it. All you need to do is sign up for the country specific amazon affiliate program (free to join) and check a box in the easyazon settings to enable link localisation. Easyazon has been a huge time saver for me with all the work we do with amazon affiliates. Easyazon 4 is recommended to anyone who promotes amazon products or who is thinking about doing so. While creating the content in your wordpress editor, you will see the easyazon link button present next to. In this post, i'll present you the easyazon 4 review, and also help you make the decision whether to go for easyazon or not. Step by step tutorials – the support is good with easy to follow instructions on setting up and using easyazon. If you want to insert an image for example, all you have to do is click the easyazon button above the post creator and select “image link. Currently available country locations with easyazon:. But the easyazon will help you to complete this task in the quickest possible time. But here is a video review of better links pro:. Easyazon lets you load amazon images to your webpages. Besides that, i would also like to share some amazing features of easyazon plugin with you. Then my mate bought easyazon along with all i seen was your ex telling us how amazing it turned out, how effectively it labored, how very much it made it easier for him plus much more. But let me just say this, easyazon will definitely help to bring in additional revenue from amazon. Demo #1 transcript – install & activate easyazon 4.   for many of my niche sites, i am using the easyazon pro plugin. Shopping around for a x350 pro can be a bit confusing since there are so many different configurations around.

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Easyazon 4 review: powerful wordpress plugin for amazon affiliates (2017 review). If at all it fails to satisfy your requirements, simply submit a refund request and allow easyazon to be a story of the past. Get easyazon pro v4 today. Why this works – this section gives people a chance to read a more detailed review of the product before making their decision. Personally, i’m very happy i discovered easyazon, and i’m going to be rolling it out across my various amazon product sites immediately. If you are a developer and will be installing easyazon 3 on other websites then a developer site license is just $20 more coming in at $67. In a nutshell, select the products with the highest ratings on amazon, are most talked about on forums in your niche, and have been highly reviewed by other bloggers/websites. The interesting fact is that easyazon has not at all affected the quality of easyazon. How do i claim my easyazon discount. Find out in my inspire m4 review below…. If you are looking for an unbiased easyazon4 review, then you have landed at the right place. The keywords you’ll want to look for with these ones are ones that look like “best [product]”, “top [product]” or “[product] reviews”. Are top sellers with at least 5 reviews. The response time for easyazon to a question is actually instant. When it came time to write smart refrigerator reviews for the site i was a bit less than excited. Never miss out on an affiliate commission again with the help of the easyazon website and its services. As you can see, easyazon is remarkably easy to use. Sliders & sortable tables – you can style the colors of your product sliders and sortable comparison tables, and choose whether you want to link the photo to the full review or your affiliate link, and you can also add full review and affiliate link buttons, and style them as well. The problem with free review plugins is that they don’t look very appealing to readers. Plenty of room to feature visuals of the products you’re reviewing. Now keep going easyazon review in next. The beginner-friendly theme has made it very easy to create and publish new product reviews. For my amazon case study site, i use a plugin called easyazon. Final thoughts about easyazon review (wordpress plugin for amazon affiliates). Write a lot of product reviews. Easyazon 4 plugin: upgrade to easy azon 4 & easyazon pro. This is not a "finished" site by any stretch of the imagination; in fact, it is only the homepage (and a handle of individual product reviews) that's even set up right now, and even that is not done, either. Here is easyazon plugin review and configuration steps that will help you to use amazon affiliate program in better way. The free non-pro version of the easyazon plugin has more than 10k+ active users and has a four star rating even though very limited in features. Easyazon 4 review – triple your amazon affiliate earnings now. All the links in the tables are easyazon links, which means they can be cloaked and localized. Using the ultimate azon theme along with the easyazon plugin enables me to create beautifully functional sites and get increased conversions. Customer ratings for easyazon is 9. The easyazon coupon will really come in handy. The pro version of easyazon includes an option to. Well as you could tell from the first sentence this is an overwhelmingly positive review of this product in which i’ll be getting into the specifics of course throughout the article. I am going to make an honest authority azon review. Assuming you’ve already downloaded the plugin and installed it on your wordpress, go ahead and click on the easyazon button next to the add media’ button. Easyazon 4 has a built in automatic link localizer that will take your amazon affiliate link and display a link for the amazon locale based on who is visiting your website – huge commission booster. ♦ after removing easyazon images, i used amazon native shopping ads instead. What i really like about using the easyazon wordpress plugin. Easyazon tab in your editor. I am sure that the easyazon plugin will help you to triple your amazon earnings. ·         there are 50 product reviews in the 5 fitness niches. Choose your package and click “buy easyazon now”. Since i started reviewing this website it has changed its design and owner, but it’s worth to mention that originally this was a simple website from a real guy who even showed his own picture in the sidebar and wrote all reviews by himself. This feature is one of the reasons that i love easyazon. I have wrote a post about it so check my fresh store builder review for more info. Price, an order button, and a link to amazon reviews). You can add coupons, do reviews, insert various great looking shortcodes, provide visitors with top lists, product comparison, show price deals from the different store, connect the post to offers, insert ads, create branded pages…. If the abundance of features offered in easyazon is the one which scares you away from trying easyazon, you are entirely mistaken. I finally bought  easyazon pro that helped me to save my precious time as well as doubled my amazon affiliate income. “number of options/pros/cons”: choose the default number of features and pros/cons to display in the review box. This is the perfect theme for amazon review sites. This means that each link you add will have the default linking instructions that you’ve set in the easyazon settings. Review of the ultimate azon. I now use the easyazon plugin to automatically localize the amazon results for each person that clicks my affiliate links and i can see that i was missing out on sales from this international traffic. Read on for the full easyazon review. Easyazon wordpress plugin for amazon associates comes in very, very handy. Localizing amazon affiliate links with easyazon is quick but still a significant amount of work if you have large amounts of content that needs to be converted. The fact is, easyazon has been a trusted name for years as a wordpress plugin and each upgrade has been a significant improvement over the previous edition, easyazon 4. I hope you found this easyazon review helpful. To use easyazon pro you must upload and install both easyazon as well as the easyazon pro plug-in. Get easyazon plugin right now for flourishing amazon affiliate business. 26-year-old making ready to review abroad, disagrees with li. Easyazon – ok you might be wondering how easyazon could get into this list even though this is not an amazon affiliate wordpress theme. Easyazon is a tool that's continually been improved upon since i first saw it released in 2011. There are a number of poeople who have used easyazon. Seen below are my own personal settings and it's all self explanatory as to what you prefer to happen when easyazon gets to work.   amazon onelink does the same thing as the easyazon pro plugin and geniuslink; it takes international traffic clicking on your affiliate links and sends them to the appropriate amazon country (i. It is one of the easiest and pretty simple to use review theme on the market. As i’ve said before, easyazon for me has made the difference both in time saving and in generating a lot more income from my amazon sites, and i would definitely recommend that you get this plugin before the prices go up.

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Control how you like to show your affiliate link to other. Fortunately, there’s not much to know (makes my task easy). Most people that make amazon affiliate sites will create a main page that quickly compares 3-5 products on a single page and then sends people directly to amazon. When you purchase easy azon, you will get access to free product support and lifetime updates. If you just need an easy way to insert amazon affiliate products, links, images to your site or blog, easyazon amazon wordpress plugin should do the trick. It will find an easy-to-rank with domain for your niche. The final aspect of easy azons settings is localization. Create amazon affiliate links without ever leaving your wp dashboard; you do not have to login to your amazon associates account at all, everything is done right from your individual posts or pages. If you already have amazon affiliate links on your website, you need to update them with easy azon links which is a simple task. In my own “ecommerce + affiliate” site, i too have made some sales. Seo and other consultants who want to create affiliate sites for clients. Ultimate azon theme does a good job of working with your affiliate links to help you create a positive user experience for the visitors of you website. There was also a few missing features, mainly image options in tablezon and bestseller azon, but these are relatively minor points. The top 3 best amazon affiliate books & guides on how to make money as an amazon associate (table shortcode). Now i will know not to go overboard with affiliate links.  it is a very simple way to grab a readers attention and try to capture some amazon affiliate commission which grows with the more products you sell on amazon. Or you can use the bestseller azon extension for easyazon 4 (it's sold as an upgrade after initial purchase). In short, it's a wordpress theme with everything you need to build an optimized and high-converting amazon affiliate website. Yes, i use easy on site like this blog because it puts attractive boxes under my posts. For both of these tasks, easyazon amazon affiliate plugin is perfect. The theme is made by tungtran, who has himself invested in amazon affiliate market for a long while. It also offers a challenge that isn’t present in other sports video games, which are usually easy to just pick up and play casually and quickly. Do you have an affiliate program for the ultimate azon theme. If you have tried your luck online, you know how much profitable it is to run an amazon affiliate website compared to other sources of revenue streams such as adsense. If you are getting started using the amazon assoicates program, hopefully some of these tips i've shared about how to use amazon affiliate links will be useful to you. An extensive options panel, endless customization opportunities, built-in amazon link localization – ultimate azon offers all of this and more. This is by far my favorite plugin for showing in content amazon products as an affiliate. I have been an amazon affiliate from last 2 years and started and stopped many amazin niche blogs, but never made any money from it. I agree that your option is a good one…and perhaps it was so many outbound links; not that it was affiliate links. Best wordpress themes for affiliate marketers. Your affiliate code is automatically embedded in the photo. Today you will get to see exactly how to setup an amazon affiliate websites on wordpress with great looking and high converting pages. Too bad google can’t see the benefits of the affiliate links.  starting an amazon website is not an easy task, and that’s why you need to have proper tools built right into the theme. Can i convert a large site with many reviews to the ultimate azon theme. The plugin is easy to use and you don’t need any coding experience to use it. You can create amazon link shortcodes in your content editor, and then paste the shortcode into the “product affiliate link” field built into the uat theme. You can set the product to be added to the cart of your visitor when they click on the affiliate link. All “ultimate azon wordpress theme” images and logos courtesy of dave nicosia. Therefore, by using this amazon affiliate link localizer plug-in, you will be able to get various styles of links for your targeted amazon product. If you’ve been dropping amazon affiliate links into your content manually, then you know how much time that can take up, right. Depending on your affiliate site, localization may not be a major issue for you. Note: all links within this post that lead to the ultimate azon wordpress theme sales page (or the new wp compear sales page) are affiliate links. By using these services, your affiliate links will automatically change based on the location of your visitor. Easyazon 4 has a built in automatic link localizer that will take your amazon affiliate link and display a link for the amazon locale based on who is visiting your website - huge commission booster.  however, one key to getting traffic and conversions is being able to add content and have your affiliate links in the right places. Please see following azon image for details.   as mentioned earlier, amazon has no problem with you posting affiliate links on facebook and twitter. Easy azon plugin review - wphub. Easy azon can’t sign up for you (now that would be an awesome feature. You just add products in different categories on the website and add the respective affiliate links to the products and you are good to go. Ultimate azone theme has over 70 different style settings. While this seems like a simple idea, it’s not until you dive into some of the options that you realize the potential your “amazon affiliate” site could have outside of amazon. To join the etsy affiliate program, you will need to join affiliate window. Are you an internet/affiliate marketer looking for a fast and easy way to make money online. The amazon affiliate program is certainly one of the best affiliate programs to get in. My overall all thoughts about the easy azon4. The most powerful features of azon authority can actually be experienced from the user end. I don’t link to easyazon at all anymore (and i took my affiliate link down), because i don’t think you should buy it. The glide and serve drawer comes in handy if you are entertaining and need a quick and easy space to store party platters. If you are planning to build an amazon affiliate niche website, then you need to work really hard on many things like using a clean coded and fast loading wordpress theme, write a lot of quality content with targeted keywords, follow non-spammy backlinking practices, etc. You won’t even believe how easy it is to create beautiful, professional looking amazon review sites with all the bells and whistles. Can i use the theme for other affiliate programs rather than the amazon affiliate program. Currently using (stopped using) woocommerce on an affiliate site — a personal experiment of mine. Along with the plugin, you get a complete course on "amazon affiliates" that's loaded with wealth of information on building and growing your profitable amazon affiliate site. And affiliate links in blog posts that get sent automatically to email subscribers. If you are into amazon affiliate marketing, you know that inserting links to affiliate posts have always been a pain for all of us. Woocommerce amazon estore affiliates plugin comes with. Build amazon affiliate links without ever leaving your wordpress dashboard:. Since then, i don't know if i started a bit of a trend, but nearly every amazon affiliate site i see now uses many of the same comparison chart tactics. This is great for those who are well on their way in the affiliate game.

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This theme is a seo friendly product and that is why your site will get good ranking very quickly. I recommend taking a look at the website as it provides a great example of what you can do with ultimate azon and how your own amazon affiliate website would look. Well the beauty of easyazon is that this is a wordpress plugin that could work with any of your favourite wordpress theme. Is the ultimate azon theme compatible withe the easy azon wordpress plugin. Easy, profitable, automated and hassle free amazon stores. Easy azon can help with this pretty much every aspect of this process. You have a wonderful choice of using wordpress themes already designed with features tailored for amazon. So it’s clear that we can’t mention price manually, and the only option to show price is using theme like authorityazon (the theme automatically update price from amazon using product advertising api) or plugin like easyazon. These amazon themes do it just right, there is big buy it now button and when the user click buy now button they are redirected to amazon. Overall, price compare is a great theme for those who are looking to compare products and then refer them to the website. Find out more in introducing studiopress sites: wordpress made easy … without sacrificing power or flexibility. “affiliate boards” from colorlabs project is our next theme in the listicle. If you plan to create some kind of authority niche site, with lots of content, colormag theme might be the right choice for you. It’s most voted & features rich theme for your requirement. Finally to say you can safely download azon theme below from our special discounted link. I have started a product comparison niche with all original content, a similar fact-based easy chart on my home page, with about 25 affiliate links. Perhaps, the greatest strength of the authorityazon theme is its intuitive back-end the enable users to make required changes to amazon niche sites. Although it is made to look very easy to set up and could be easy for a newbie to get started, the problem, as with many other programs, comes a little later. The theme utilizes the latest web technologies such as html5, css3, javascript to make it compatible with the current internet and web browsers. Another easy way to possibly add income to your site is through ad networks. Zoomable main product image, one of the unique features that other themes don’t have is a flexible main product image. I have tried a lot of wordpress themes in my projects before. Have relevant features/options – if you want to have a magazine style layout, then you need to look for a theme that supports that. He helped with the setting up of the theme, installing the plugins and configuring the widgets.  kingdom – woocommerce amazon affiliates theme. Avh amazon:  makes it easy to add your wish-list items to your wordpress blog. They make the purchasing decision so easy for the visitor so that they are way more likely to click on over to amazon and buy a product. That concludes my top best amazon affiliate store builderwordpress themes and tools. It’s pretty easy for bloggers to find quality products from amazon to promote on their blog (from any niche). Using this theme, you can arrange your products in a way that will make it easy for visitors to compare them. In that case reverse the pros and cons above: no easy settings changes, but future proof links. Once you’ve got wordpress installed and you’ve set up your theme, you’re ready to. Here's a really easy way to make one, courtesy of coupon divas:. You can expect this theme to arrive with layered psds for easy customizable, well documentation to getting used to learning everything about it, free upgrade, and dedicated support. Right out of the box this incredible theme works great. The wordpress theme provides affiliate site’s owner with an easy way of creating amazing story-driven blog posts. Ultimate azon theme – you’re about to see why in the rest of this review post. It offers an easy way to create browsable, searchable wordpress affiliate store, website, comparison site or blog. Why should you download the ultimate azon theme. That’s pretty clear cut language (not just the legal jargon), and an easy way to find yourself with a ban. Finding the 20+ best wordpress affiliate themes is very hard work. What is the necessity of amazon store wp theme. Easy, just review 5-6 products at 500 words a pop, and instead of making those reviews individual posts, stick them all one your money page​. Fonts option of authority azon wp theme: . Seo options, the ultimate azon wordpress theme comes with some basic seo options that you can enable for quick. Is it easy to use. Easy azon allows you to choose the proper alignment for your box. I forgot to mention that, azon themes can be used for multiple websites and blogs. Newscore is a highly effective multipurpose wordpress platform based web theme for content strong web sites which includes local newspaper, periodical, publishing, neighborhood in addition to critique web-sites. Easy build product sliders & sortable comparison table, with this theme, you can build product sliders and sortable comparison tables with just a few clicks of your mouse. The popups are a con with easyazon because with some wordpress themes they don’t show up correctly. Easy azon has finally surfaced and is everything a wordpress blogger could ever want out of an affiliate plugin. This is must have theme no matter what kind of website you intend to have. Easy azon is basically a digital product. Once the theme is setup, you need to focus on the content part. It's a great plugin for amazon affiliate links and much more but unfortunately the pop-up is not translated into spanish also i had a easyazon pop-up misalignment (may be due to my wp theme).  you can get this theme as part of planet starta club. It’s easy to stop losing valuable traffic and bringin more cash from the same traffic. The theme is completely responsive and can easily be rendered on any device type or screen size. The ultimate azon theme in action. What happens after i purchase the azonrev theme for wordpress. We can honestly say that easy azon is highly preferred by users around the world who needed a solution for their problem. Through hundreds of plugins and theme choices, you will be able to add dozens of functions and unique looks. Wow, you made it so easy to understand. We want the content to stand on its own without the theme getting in the way in any way. I hope the theme compilation helped and saved your precious time. Moneyflow theme is perfect for beginners as it offers one-click install process and also includes the best seo optimized settings. I think that you can use ultimate azon theme free of risk since it’s 100% easy to use. Parabola is a unique looking theme, with one interesting home page layout which will certainly differentiate your niche site from others. Now lets see which amazon affiliate wordpress theme  stands out most in this league. The integrated theme options section lets you customize all the visual aspects of your website.